About Jen Lawrence


Welcome to my blog! I’m so happy you’ve found me!

My name is Jennifer Lawrence but, sadly, I’m not the actress. I imagine she gets a lot of free stuff from Dior.

I have been a professional writer for over a decade – a career that worked well with raising two kids mostly as a single mom. As the author of the pioneering mommy blogs, T.O. Mama and MUBAR, I wrote about taboos such as fertility treatments, post-partum depression, maternal ambivalence, and why it’s so hard to get a coffee already when wielding a double stroller. They made a documentary that captured my experience. Sadly, I was played by an actress, thus thwarting my life-long desire to appear on reality tv.

Prior to having kids, I worked in investment banking and management consulting, and was the Executive Director of a children’s museum. I’ve also run the training department of a Fortune 500 Canadian subsidiary and worked as an executive recruiter. I have an MBA in finance and a BA in English and Classics, so, yes, I’ve read all of Shakespeare. I’m also a Certified Crystal Reader, which comes in handy when things get crazy. And I was a talk show co-host for a season.

I wrote a fun little business book called Engage the Fox. I’m also verified to administer and interpret a variety of personality-based testing tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Reach out if you want to talk type.

I’ve blogged for 1010 Park Place, and The Huffington Post, and I’ve written for a whole bunch of different publications. On this blog, I love to write about books, beauty, and balance. I’m currently finishing my first novel about dysfunctional suburbia. Think Touched by an Angel meets The Real Housewives.

I appreciate every reader. Email me if you want to connect!