Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Literally. I went to check on my tomato planter and saw a giant ball of fluff. At first I thought it was a bird, but then I realized that instead of growing tomatoes, I’d grown 5 baby bunnies.

Usually they are all covered up with fluff but I was taking Teddy out when we startled the mama who was tending to them and she left them a little uncovered. (Don’t worry, she came back and covered them up. She’s taken up residence under the peonies to keep an eye out.) I do worry for them as they are so tiny and vulnerable but our yard is quite secure from predators so hopefully she picked a good spot in the elevated tomato planter. I have no idea how she got them in there. The nest has only been there for a couple of days. Did she give birth there? Or did she carry them up into the planter one by one? (It’s quite a hop for her.) It’s a mystery. Perhaps she heard from the house swallows that are currently living in (!) the stone on my house, and the family of chipmunks near the garden shed, that I offer free rent. I feel like Snow White.

via Pinterest

How are y’all holding up? I hope May treated you as well as can be managed in a pandemic. My God the news is grim. So much strife. My strategy is to educated myself on a topic (Twitter is weirdly educational right now.) Make donations and write letters. Talk to my kids (moms of gamer sons – there can be misleading chatter online so it’s worth having an educational conversation.) And then turn off the news.

I’ve decided to make use of this strange time to take a couple of certification courses to build a coaching practice I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’ll be using my critical thinking expertise to help people feeling stuck in my Divorce, Transition, and Recovery Coaching practice. I’ll be launching in the fall once I have all the fancy letters behind my name but I’m doing all of the web stuff now since search engines take a while to do their magic. I’m also studying for a financial certification and reacquainting myself with financial calculators. I thought things had become all automated since I last took a spin in this world but, nope, the HP10b is still the gold standard. Phew!

I’ve learned to master Zoom. Tom Ford gives a good primer to looking good on video call. The ring light is my new best friend.

I’ve mostly been reading coaching books so not much to report on the reading front. I’ve been decompressing with Sweet Magnolias on Netflix. It’s a great antidote to the news. I highly recommend it.

As for mask fashion, A+ for Narces. Compliment city and they are comfortable. I’d love to get my hands on a Vampire’s Wife mask but they are hen’s teeth. The Mackage one is cute and I have a royal blue one on the way.

As a germaphobe, I suspect I’ll be wanting to wear these for a while so it’s worth stocking up. Nancy Pelosi is my Style Hero at the moment.

RHONY is life right now. I could just watch these women eat and drink for hours. I think I’m missing eating out a lot. I really need to go to Newport, RI stat. Gorgeous. I can’t decide if Sonja is a comic genius or completely clueless, but either way, I am here for it. RHOBH is much better this season than I’d anticipated too. Or maybe I’m just starved for glamour.

Teddy finally got his nails trimmed by the vet. We are both thankful. My attempts to pin him down and take the dremel drill nail file thingy to him were total fails. He’s still waiting for this haircut, but who isn’t?

I loved this article by Adam Gopnik on the movement of time these days. The writes about “the architecture of the hours.” I keep feeling like I’m at my childhood cottage (perhaps it’s all the animals…) The rhythm of time has definitely shifted. I obviously don’t like this pandemic, but I do like how time is moving these days.

What is keeping you busy? Anyone else growing rabbits in their planters?

Stay safe.



  1. The news is definitely grim, it is best but hard to turn the news off. I want to stay educated but I don’t want to see all of the looting and vandalism. I want to talk and here about solutions to the issues.

    Good luck on your classes. I have been doing the same. I love online classes.

    Stay well and safe.


  2. Rabbits! What could be nicer. We have the occasional grown visitor hop onto our terrace, but no babies that I know of.
    The news is so much to take in and I want to know how actual progress can be made. Where is the hope? Vanished. I’m so sad about it and I feel stupid for not having any answers or even knowing where to look for them.
    I haven’t been doing too much that requires brain focus. Mostly cleaning and cooking, lots of exercise. Reading news and one amazing book, The Overstory by Richard Powers, so good I highly recommend.
    I am very excited about your coaching business, you are going to be amazing at that and so helpful for your lucky clients. xxx


  3. Rabbits and their babies are quite amazing. Have been thinking how she got them there, or as you say, did she give birth there? How high off the ground in the pot the bunnies were found in? Teddy must find them fascinating.

    Have not stopped crying for days over George Flyod; am crying virtually with loved ones about the state of our country. Holding steady through the pandmeic and remaining phillsophical about being 3,500 miles from my US family and friends has been my “work” as my US business has collapsed, as well as millions of other Americans. I can manage all of that and I have. But, BUT, to see the depth of rage and fear and righteous emotions unleashed by white, black and every color in between, has brought me to tears many times each day and night and made my longing to be in my home county at this time, even greater.

    This morning, on youtube, I watched the 2min, 21 second clip of peaceful protesters of all stripes, masked and unmasked, singing Lean on Me, on the streets in DC near the White House and cried some more. Such powerful unity from humans of all colors showing their support, recognition of others’ pain and love has me tearful just thinking of it again.

    On the lighter side, RHNY, especially, is giving me such a short spurt of balm as I laugh, cringe, chuckle, shake my head in disbelief while watching. Have never known people who drink so much and go so haywire with it, so it can be fascinating in some puzzling way. Maybe, as you say, Sonja is an epic comedian, but almost as easy to believe is she isn’t spinning out of control, she has actually spun right the hell out. Some podcasters who major in RH say there is strong inclinatjon to believe that she has been quarantining in rehab. May that be so if she needs the help. I do so, so, so love to see NYC through watching the show. Oh!, life was so different when they filmed this.

    Will be so interested in hearing more about your coaching plans. Very exciting ideas you have there.Wishing you lots of luck with it.

    A.in London


    • The pain among Americans has been just devastating. My daughter and her peers have been very impacted by it and are trying to organize a march and show support in other ways. The Floyd video was simply heartbreaking. The marches and videos of police kneeling with protestors have given me a glimmer of hope, but there is so much hatred to process. It truly shocks me, which I guess is part of the problem. So much went hidden in plain sight. In Canada, we have a terrible record of systemic treatment of indigenous people so we can hardly feel smug.

      The bunnies are very beautiful. My cynical teens are quite captivated by them. The planter is about 2 feet off the ground so I’m not sure how they got up there (or how they will get down!) They are starting to hop around in their nest and their eyes are opening so I suspect they will not be there for long.

      I have been loving the wives as respite. I just like watching them take little trips and go to the spa and have lunch and do (formerly) normal things. I really hope they are putting their drunken antics on for the camera. But it does make for enjoyable viewing.

      Coaching is a welcome change since it’s about helping people a path to hope. I’m really enjoying the training. I also find building a website relaxing so there is a lot to take my mind off things, thank heavens.

      Stay strong. Xx


  4. Baby rabbits? How adorable! I wonder where all that white fluff comes from. Are rabbits like birds in that they scour their environment for material to make their nests? So cool – not to mention resourceful. I was thinking “Snow White” before I saw your graphic lol It definitely sounds as if you’re attracting all kinds of wildlife right now 😉

    Zoom has become the norm now, hasn’t it? I’m not complaining. I love it. I love being able to see my coworkers and online friends “in the flesh.” Way better than just a standard phone call. Now you’ve got me thinking I should invest in a ring light lol Goodness, maybe I should even start wearing makeup again!


    • A ringlight makes up for a lot of makeup! Especially undereye circles. I’m going to want one for in real life when this is all over! I assume it’s fur from the mom. I see her pulling at her fur, so I think it must be that. It looks very soft! They are starting to open their eyes. I feel very responsible for them. I held an umbrella over them for part of the huge rainstorm we had a couple of nights ago. They are so sweet. Xx


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