Happy Friday + Mask Fashion

Hello! Hope you are all still vertical. We are heading into a long weekend here, not that that means what it used to!

I got the linear compressor replaced on the LG fridge, so hopefully the new one does the trick. It feels very luxurious to have the full-sized fridge back.

I have been turning my mind to mask fashion, since I think we will be wearing them for a while. I have an Alice & Olivia one on order, but mostly have been favouring Canadian sources to support local business.

My favourites are from Narces, a Canadian designer who makes gorgeous evening-wear. She grew up surrounded by gorgeous fashion as her mother worked for Victor Edelstein (she made Princess Diana’s famous John Travolta dress.) She’s used her fabrics to create little works of art. I love the black lace in particular.

My children will want to wear less showy (masks are going to be the new bike helmets, I think – we need kids to actually wear them.) Roots, Olive + Splash, and Peace Collective offer some nice plain ones. The plain black ones that seem to be sold on all the fast fashion sites are practical, but I want to make sure they fit well and are good quality.

I got my taxes into my accountant. Whenever I do them, I think of Babar’s Rataxes for some reason. I hate gathering up the paperwork!

vai Babar Wiki

I mowed the lawn! I know that does not seem like a big thing, but it’s been a big mental thing for me. Somehow it struck me as a difficult activity but it’s really not at all. The trick is having a powerful yet light-weight mower, I think. Mine is also self-propelled, which I’d hoped meant I could sit inside watching my Housewives while the thing mowed the lawn, but alas, that is not the case. Still, it makes things easy where the yard is sloped. This pandemic is really making me expand my skill set: plumbing, garden work, fridge maintenance. There are so many great free videos online now to teach things so I’m taking advantage of that.

Groomers are allowed to reopen next week, but Teddy was 42 on the groomer’s wait list (they were flooded with calls the minute the Premier made the announcement.) Sooo he’s going to be shaggy into June except for little trims here and there. It really is Green Acres over here.

Enjoy the weekend. We are promised some sunshine so I think I’ll spend a lot of it outside.



  1. Babar! Oh my goodness, I used to love watching that show when I was a kid. Is it still on? I honestly have no idea. Masks are a funny thing … a few weeks ago EVERYONE was wearing them but I went to Walmart yesterday morning and I’d say about 50% of shoppers weren’t wearing masks OR gloves. I think it’s become pretty obvious that people are fed up with lockdown and all the safety measures that have been put in place and they just want to be free. I mean, not even the security guard who was working outside the store letting people in was wearing a mask!

    Now that more and more places are opening, I’m curious to see how things (and safety measures) will progress.


    • Around here, we see lots of mask wearing generally, but I’ve noticed that a lot of women my age don’t tend to wear them. I’m seeing a lot more moms with kids running errands now too (never masked and at super non-essential stores.) The people working there really don’t like it (a few shop clerks have been audibly thanked me for wearing a mask, I think to try to send a message to those in line without them.) I don’t mind them and if it means we can have more freedom to move around, I’m all for it. The Walmart security guard needs a mask! I get that they are not comfortable but that’s scary for him, especially with half the shoppers not wearing theirs.

      I’m not sure if Babar is still on. Certainly my kids never saw it on the kids channels when they were young, but I did read them the books (Babar and the Wully Wully is my favourite.) Such lovely drawings and animation.

      Stay safe! Xx


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