Random Things While Distancing

How’s it going? Staying sane?

We are still fairly locked down in Ontario. They are opening up a few more things for curbside pickup but that’s all. It’s odd how quickly one adjusts though. I’ve been able to get most things I need. We are having a minor panic with a failing fridge but I have a bar fridge on the go (thanks for dropping that off, mum and dad!) and LG is having me troubleshoot a bunch of stuff from my end. My dad has expertise in cooling systems from his engineering days and has walked me through the mechanics of it over the phone. Fingers crossed it’s not the linear compressor that tends to fail on these LG fridges.

In happier kitchen news, I finally got my hands on some yeast and my daughter wanted to bake bread. This is a terrific and super easy, no-knead recipe using instant yeast from Jo Cooks. It was a great success.

Also, I’m going to give a shoutout to these cheap and cheerful kitchen towels. I prefer reusable towels to paper ones but I’m laundering things much more frequently these days so I picked up some of these Utopia towels on Amazon (affiliate link). They are not large tea towels like you’d buy at an English garden centre, but are nice and absorbent for drying hands (they seem to shrink on washing in hot, but for hands it’s fine.)

Do you have your credibility bookcase yet? I’ve been doing a lot of video calls so I’ve moved my desk around so that my bookcase is behind me. While on the Titanic, why not shuffle the deck chairs, right?

In other things pandemic-related, I’ve tried cutting Teddy’s nails. He will sit for about a minute through the dremel drill grinder thingy (he starts screaming when I simply bring out the clippers so that’s a hard no.) I cannot wait until the groomers reopen. I’m going to be doubling my usual tip! Pet grooming is impossible.

I love this photo of Julia Roberts not going to the Met Ball. Also, bathtub view goals.

In TV binging news, I’ve started watching seasons 2 of Dead to Me on Netflix. It’s picked up right from season 1 so far, so I’m enjoying it. They show Judy and Jen watching The Facts of Life reruns, which made me laugh since I’ve been doing the same thing since the pandemic started. I loved that show as a kid so it provides a dose of childhood comfort. The Dead to Me characters discuss how adulting is hard and they wish they had a Mrs. Garrett. We really need a Mrs. Garrett for the pandemic, don’t we. I had the chance to meet “Blair” back in 2013 and I was such a fangirl. Lisa Whelchel is quite lovely and down-to-earth in person and not Blair-ish at all.

Have you started watching anything good? The Real Housewives seem particularly good this season. I hear Hollywood on Netflix is quite good. I plan to watch it next since it’s supposed to be freezing this weekend and the garden will have to wait.

Stay safe!



  1. Now I’m jealous. I need a credibility bookshelf. And yes, cutting your dogs nails is torture. For both parties. We are in for a hot weekend so I’ll be cleaning the pantry. I lead such a glamorous life.
    Stay well

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    • I highly recommend the bookcase. I figure that people are so busy scanning the titles that they won’t notice my home haircut is a little uneven! Enjoy cleaning the pantry. I love sorting and organizing so that kind of thing is right up my alley. Stay safe! Xx


  2. I have been cleaning the gardens and putting down mulch and some new perennials. It has been so cold at night I have had to cover the new plantings. Next week it may be warm enough to plant veggies. I think I am rushing the season but everyone wants to be out of the house


    • I agree. We’ve all been opening our gardens early, I think but it was necessary for the spirit! I pulled my plants inside last night since we are having flurries. Stay safe! Xx


  3. Credibility bookshelf! I love it.

    As it happens, yes. My work laptop is set up in the dining room right in front of the big bookshelf for video conferences, and the shelf most easily seen then is my collection of favourite environment and climate books, plus some art and photos.

    Not seen is the pile of fabric directly beside the laptop. 😉


  4. That bread! Well done to your daughter.
    I want Julia Roberts’ bathroom AND dress; just how high are the ceilings in her apartment? Gorgeous.
    Have no need for Zoomers to see my bookshelves, all my work over the phone or email these days, but made sure my sweetheart, with whom I have swapped working spaces for now, is aware that if he chose to turn his camera on, (he doesn’t) while having Zoom meetings it would reveal our assortment of martini and champagne glasses behind him on the shelf, not books! Maybe not the look he is going for…
    Must be the only person in the universe without Netflix, but watch tons on Amazon Prime and Hulu. AP has a wonderful series based on a NY Times column called Modern Love which is very charming and often uplifting.
    Jen, you must check out Jo Good on her YouTube page today. Her vlog this morning with her dog, Matilda is priceless. She takes you through London parks on foot again and you see inside her BBC radio studio. So positive, upbeat and funny. I adore the dress she is wearing in the vlog released today. Marian Keyes has one in blue and black.
    Danny Pelligrino’s podcast about the Real Housewives keep me laughing each week. Dorinda is now doing after show thoughts on her YouTube channel about RHNY. They are…, uhm, interesting in what they reveal about her either spot-on honesty and her blind spots when it comes to self-awareness.
    Hope good gardening weather returns for you this week.
    A.in London


    • Oh my gosh: loved the Jo Good walkabout. I really liked Modern Love too (I did Prime for a month, but may sign up since they have some good things.) The doorman love story and Ann Hathaway ones made me cry. Thanks for the Dorinda tip. She’s my favourite NY wife although she’s been bugging me this season with her criticism of Tinsley. As Mary McClelland observed, “Hating Tinsley is like hating the lone sock floating around the laundry forever without a mate.” Truth! I have a feeling when Dorinda publicly gets rid of John she’ll be nicer. Isn’t Julia stunning? I just loved everything about that photo. Stay safe! Xx


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