Another Monday, J. Crew, and bad TV

Hello! It’s another new week that feels exactly the same as the week before. So weird. At least we had gorgeous weather yesterday and I chatted with a friend who dropped by for a car visit and with the neighbours who were out on their driveway so I got in some not-over-Zoom social, which was nice.

Paulina Porizkova is featured in a gorgeous photoshoot by Alexi Lubomirski in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar and I am here for it. (I am very happy I subscribed to so many magazines pre-pandemic. It’s a lovely cheerful gift in the mailbox and good reading once I let the issues “de-virus” for a while in my garage.) Paulina’s 55 year old well-earned smile lines have not been airbrushed out and she is more gorgeous than ever. I’m glad that fashion is recognizing the mid-life market.


I was sad to hear that J. Crew filed for bankruptcy protection. I met a lot of bloggers over the years due to a mutual love of J. Crew (and though I do not know her, J. Crew Aficionada remains the queen!) I still remember perusing Final Sale items online when I was up in the wee hours feeding my newborn children in the mid 2000s after Mickey Drexler took over and Jenna Lyons began her reign, snapping up the colourful suede ballet flats and Lady Day coats with the cheerful rep tie piped lining. I’ve seen companies emerge from bankruptcy protection back in my banking days, but it seems like the fundamentals just aren’t there. Maybe in a few years, someone will buy the name and bring them back to their roots. At the very least, I hope their catalogues will end up in the Smithsonian. Vogue has a good short read about the brand.

I still own this purple coat.

Have you seen Bad Education on Netflix with High Jackman and Allison Janney? If you like high school administration scandals, it’s entertaining. And with Allison Janney, you know there will be some dark comedy involved.

Speaking of Bad Education, did you see any of the Cheerleader movies on Lifetime? Death of a Cheerleader, The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders (with Denise Richards!), Undercover Cheerleader, Cheerleader Nightmare, The Wrong Cheerleader (with Vivica A. Fox!), The Cheerleader Escort… you name it, they’ve filmed it. When it comes to low-level entertainment, apparentlyI have no floor (90 Day Fiancé marathons are my cardio.) My personal favourite is Identity Theft of a Cheerleader, where the plot is a 31 year old pretends to be a high school cheerleader, which, let’s face it, is really all of these movies, so the writers and actors are clearly in on the joke.

Dead to Me Season 2 launches this week and I can’t wait. If you haven’t seen Season 1 on Netflix, it’s a great binge.

Are you reading or watching anything good?

Stay safe!



  1. I read it in the news earlier this morning that J. Crew declared bankruptcy. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will be the last retail store to fall, especially considering what’s been going on lately. It was also announced this morning that Air Canada has lost more than one billion dollars in revenue during the first quarter of 2020. Honestly, this is frightening.

    The one thing helping to take my mind off all this is World On Fire on PBS Masterpiece. It’s a new series that premiered in Canada in March and I think there are 2 more episodes left to watch. BBC has already announced a second series and I’m thrilled! If you’re into historical drama, I would highly recommend it 🙂


    • I will check it out. I need anything to distract from reality of the news. That new invasive hornet in addition to everything else has just about done my head in. Stay safe! Xx


    • It really is such a tough time for retail. I used to finance a number of retailers and they were running thin even when times were good. I’m sure it’s not a fun space to occupy right now. Paulina is serious aging goals. So beautiful. Stay safe! Xx


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