Beverly Hills and Skunks

Happy April 30th. So, I guess this was not all some elaborate month-long April Fools’ Day joke or someone would have told us by now.

It rained most of the day, so no gardening. Instead, I’m catching up on reality TV. Has anyone else changed their work and sleep schedule? I now tend to do chores and watch TV in the day and work at night, often quite late. Weird, since I’ve never been a night owl.

Did you watch RHOBH? Garcelle’s white shirt and tulle skirt combination was gorgeous. She really makes a great entrance. Sutton seems to have annoyed most of the wives and I’m guessing she annoyed the producers since they seem to be editing her to look bad. I listened to her interview on Behind the Velvet Rope and she was very likable so it’s a mystery why she’s not coming across well. But more pressing, can we talk about Aaron and Denise? Paranoid or what! Yes, Big Pharma can seem kind of scary at times, but I highly doubt Big Pharma spies are after them because Aaron knows how to cure all disease. And was he saying that cancer is a good thing? It was hard to make sense of it all and I usually embrace the woo woo. I can’t wait to hear the commentary on this episode on podcasts this weekend.

Did you read The New York Times article on how people are going full Victorian? So I guess it’s now a thing. Well who’d have thought making masks and flower pressing would be how we spent 2020. Oh, and I’m now crying at Uber ads, so, yes, weird times.

I decided that this Ulla Johnson top on deep discount at the Nordstrom sale would be lovely on Zoom calls. It’s kind of Victorian with the ruffles…

I’m currently obsessed with lemon cleaning scent. When I need something hard core to disinfect, I do Lysol lemon wipes or sprays since bleach-based stuff makes me wheeze and I will only use it if one of us gets sick. For everyday cleaning, I really like Maison Apothecare‘s naturally anti-bacterial Lemon Aide. It’s made locally (head office is Oakville) and they sell it at my local grocery store but they ship across Canada and the US. Not an affiliate plug, just a great stuff (especially the hand soap with may chang oil) and even though I cannot eat lemons, I think lemon has such a lovely fresh scent.

I’m also using lemon peel to try to keep a skunk out our yard. There is a neighbourhood skunk that is driving everyone crazy during his or her nightly wanderings except the people in whose yard he or she lives. Last night, Teddy nearly had a Pepé Le Pew moment as he came face to face with it in our garden (thankfully we got out of there before it sprayed.) He went bananas for about an hour after that, as did the dog who lives behind us. So I’ve been researching skunk-repelling techniques online. Lemon peel and cayenne seems popular and I’ve also ordered an organic spray and some chicken wire to block up some spaces where he or she can sneak in. So we really are full Green Acres now that I’m purchasing chicken wire!

My daughter has embraced cooking, which is lovely. She makes a wonderful onion and garlic free low fat Butter Chicken using Greek yogurt. So tasty! I certainly will be encouraging this hobby.

Perhaps most importantly, I’ve found a cream to deal with chapped hands. I wear Weleda Skin Food at night with cotton gloves and my hands are better in the morning. I’m also wearing my Dior cuticle cream so in spite of all the washing and sanitizing, my hands are no longer chapped.

Are you going to go Victorian? Found any good cleaners or hand creams?

Stay safe!



  1. Chicken wire? Full-on Green Acres now, for sure.
    Yes, my schedule is odd, or more odd now, but it feels good to not have to worry so much about waking at a certain time for this short period. Do find that we are eating dinner way earlier than usual fo some reason.
    RHBH kept me entertained late 2 nighs ago. Aaron? Aaron?…what are you saying?! Help. Actually rewound it 2x to try to follow the thread of logic. The very “relaxed” Mauricio is the only one who seemed to be following along. Bless him. The looks on the face of everyone-ha, that was worth the rewind, too.
    Here I part company with Mary L on Reality Tea: I thought Kyle looked fantastic in an outfit that suited her body; it was playful and her. Also loved her hair…sorry Mary. She strikes me as an infuriating fence-sitter, that Kyle.In her attempt to hurt no one, she offends plenty of people. She, as my sweetheart says, “bears the impression of the last person who sat on her”. Garcelle looked sensational, the house is fabulous and the colorful art on one of the dining room walls is stunning. PK is the manager of Boy George now. BG still has a small career and a lovely voice. A good episode…certainly better than many from last season, I thought.
    Have been cleaning with lots of homemade stuff as bleach makes me wheeze. And, plenty of hot, soapy water. Hands and nails a mess, but you reminded me of Weleda Skin Food so I will order some. Next week they will tell us the phased plan for relaxing things a bit, just as Maine is tightening up. London


    • I thought Kyle looked good too and I agree, she is such a chameleon. Maybe she’s a little lost without frenemy LVP? Mauricio is hilarious. Is he ever not stoned-looking? How does he run a business? When he ate Denise’s uneaten meal it was so classic.

      RHONY was a good one albeit not nearly as good as last week’s (hard to top, really.) It was nice to see Tinsley in her element on the runway rather than whining about some guy. Dorinda and Leah talking over Tinsley’s hair curls issue was priceless. Leah continues to hold her own. I really hope Dorinda shows John the door soon: certainly they are heading that way and the gossip seems to confirm it. He really seems out of place.

      We waiting to be phased back in. Now that the school year is over (we think) and I’ve figured out how to live in these circumstances, I’m in no hurry, but I know a lot of people need to get back to work. I just hope they don’t rush things and land us deeper in the soup. Stay well! Xx


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