How does your garden grow?

Happy Tuesday! Still hanging in there? I’ve been gardening my heart out as exercise, stress relief, and vitamin D all in one.

My new gardening goal is Kathy Rayner’s Hamptons garden in Town & Country. I love everything about this photo. (Town & Country’s entire May issue with Gwyneth on the cover is terrific.)

via Town & Country

I spread 7 cubic yards of mulch and overseeded the lawn and bagged up leaves and pine needles and branches (pruning is my cardio.) I’ve started some seeds growing indoors and planted some bulbs and put cages around the peonies. I’ve raked pea gravel and relocated flagstones and pavers. I replaced the lights on the deck posts. I dug a border around a flower bed and slapped some Annie Sloan chalk paint on the cheapo plastic pots that came with the house. I transformed the left behind plastic frog from bilious to a more pleasing shade of green. They all now look much smarter so thank you, A., for that tip. Teddy, who is badly in need of a hair cut, was on his tether and “helped” me. Thankfully, we never found the squirrel that belonged to the squirrel tail.

In addition to gardening, and a lot of cooking, I’ve also done mending, so I’ve basically gone straight-up pioneer. Weirdly, I’m not hating it.

Of course, I still have my modern-day Wives to inspire me. Did you catch the Tiki Torch tossing in the Hamptons? Leah does make for good TV. And over on the other coast, Sutton is growing on me. It will be interesting to know why she didn’t get a diamond and a tag line. I hope it’s not because she became boring as the season progressed. Wasn’t PK and Dorit’s hey-we-are-still-really-rich thing cringeworthy? Still, it all beats getting stressed out watching CNN.

And any Drag Race fans out there? How good is Gigi Goode? Her New Look black wedding dress was breathtaking. I think she should win the season, but it’s a very talented group.

via EW

I’ve started to read Magpie Lane by Lucy Atkins and am really enjoying it so far. It’s set in Oxford, which I always like. (On books, in the end, My Dark Vanessa was just, well, dark. I didn’t like the characters and, while it’s a good book, it’s not a book I really enjoyed.)

Have you run into any good distractions? My next plan is to find a good egg-free crepe recipe (my kids love crepes and I can’t eat eggs.) I might make a stab at painting a cabinet. If this crisis does not end soon, I might end up becoming very domestic.

Take care, wear your mask, and stay safe!



  1. I’m cooking way, way too much and of course eating way too much.
    My distractions are reading and laundry. It’s a very strange time indeed because I’m having trouble concentrating enough to finish my book.
    Stay well. Let us know when you start spinning yarn:)


    • Ha! I will definitely let you know if I start spinning yarn! I can only read thrillers that compel me to turn the page right now. I find my mind wandering with more pensive works. Stay well. Xx


  2. Straight-up pioneer mode is my fairly usual mode; nothing better than mending to relax, along with gardening for exercise. Love it. But, I must stand back in awe at installing the deck light. Way, way beyond my skill set. But, then again you did some plumbing….impressed!
    Leah on RHNY has grown on me- she says what others are thinking and is much sharper than the rest of the lot. Tikkki tourch throwing just may become an Olympic sport the way we are going. What Danny P said on his podcast about that really cracked me up at 2a.m. and woke my sweetheart up. Next evening I acted out the Tikki torch episode, sans torch, but with the phrase, “Haven’t you read the news”?! All very amusing for him, but he is a born and bred Londoner and said, “Wait, what’s a Tikki Torch”?! I continue to worry about Sonja-wow, some real unhinged behavoir to build through the season is my thought. LuAnn and the dog groomer? She is so OTT, but almost always invokes some unintentional laughs from me. Actually know someone quite like her who resembles her strongly in looks and height, too. The “grandness” is so ridiculous.
    RHBH has never been my absolute favorite, but I watch, of course. New York and New Jersey rule. But Lisa Rinna makes me laugh almost without fail. She is Lisa, no matter the occasion, alarming or charming and I like her spirit. Oh how I loved Harry Hamlin on LA Law. He definitely is her anchor. PK claims all sorts of things; he did own part of a football team here, I know, but the 2 of them are very slippery. Wherever does the money come from to buy all those designer clothes?
    The pots look fantastic…isn’t that the easiest paint to just slap on? Such fun to make small but impactful changes- inside and out.
    All well with me and mine; almost feels like normal, normal, rather than the new normal if you know what I mean. Missing EFL football, zooming around London on foot and by Tube, but as all who matter to me are managing, I feel relief. Dreaming of Maine ….if I get to go there before 2020 ends I will be over-the-moon.
    A. in London


    • Oh my gosh. LuAnn and that dog groomer: too funny. And why were they washing the dog in the kitchen sink? You acting out the Tikki Torch scene: Well done! Not quite the table flip, but that scene will go down in Housewife history as very memorable. I worry for Sonja. I like her and she has a good heart but she does seem to be struggling. I love Rinna. She would be impossible in person but makes for great TV. I watch RuPaul’s Drag Race and Jackie Cox (who is whip smart) played Rinna on the Snatch Game complete with QVC duster and multiple mentions of Harry Hamlin. TV Gold. I’m also getting into 90 Day Fiance because the Pink Shade commentary is so good.

      It does feel normal normal when I’m in the house doing work or in the garden so I know exactly what you mean. And I’m kind of on autopilot for masking before grocery shopping and curbside pickup now. It’s no longer a source of stress. It’s just what we do.

      I hope you get to Maine this year. I’d like to think travel returns at some point. Thank you again for the paint suggestion. It’s so easy to use and the colours are all lovely. You really can’t go wrong.

      Stay safe! Xx


      • Ha! The dog in the sink gave me pause, but it was how he just grabbed the off brand dish soap to lather up the poor dog that made me cringe. Her coat must have felt like straw after!
        Have never gotten into Ru Paul’s show, although have always been fascinated by drag queens. 90 Day is something that now I wish I had begun to follow as Pink Shade seems to cover that almost exclusively and the culture clash stuff would interest me. Pink Shade turned my other favorite recaps into pay to listen on Patreon which is disappointing. That show was Love after Lockup. I have been hooked on every season. Make no qualms about that either; my sister just shakes her head.
        BUT, you must give Family Karma a try. It is a Bravo show and I can only watch Bravo from here on Amazon Prime’s station, Hulu. It is colorful, likeable characters, culture-clashing and the first ever all Indian cast on a show. The clothes, the parents, the customs….have just loved it. Only 8 episodes this first season, with the finale this week at an Indian engagement party with the men dancing to impress the fiancee and her mother. Priceless.
        Takes place in Florida. London


      • It really was the sketchiest dog washing service! I watched 90 Day and then dropped it for a while since a lot seems fake, but the commentaries make it so much more fun so I’ve picked it up again. I need to pick up Family Karma and Shah’s since I’ve only heard great thingsa bout both. I watch Vanderpump Rules but it’s a very slow season as they just go from wedding to wedding. Summer House is better but drawing to a close. I’ve never watched Love After Lockup but it sounds deliciously bad. I’ve always had a great appetite for trashy TV, but particularly now. Give me pretty people getting together, acting badly and I am here for it. Million Dollar Listing LA starts up soon so that should add to my PVR roster too, even though I vastly prefer the NYC version. Stay safe! Xx


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