Let’s Get Shallow

I cannot with the news. Honestly, it’s just such a horror show these days. I feel like buying the full size Ostrich pillow and waking up in 2021.

Let’s talk fashion, because, for those of us who are not political leaders, is there anything so wrong with fiddling while Rome burns?

Today, I’ll take a page from this medicated high fashion mama, focusing on blowing bubbles and her look while her twins throttle one another behind her back.

via Vogue

Let’s dive into the world of online designer shopping for distraction. Nordstrom has decided to take a page from the oil market: they are practically paying you to take garments away and have markdowns up to 85% off. (These are not affiliate links. Buy. Don’t buy. But if you buy the cat shorts, you are obligated to send me a photo.)

This Johanna Ortiz dress reminds me of my aromatherapist friend Sherry at Capricorn and Clove. (She is my go to essential oil person and if you need oils to calm you, she’s your girl.) Gorgeous!

I am super obsessed with this Yohji Yamamoto hat. I love structured black garments and this would match my black Laveer bustier I wear over a white shirt. It’s very Diane Keaton, I think. I won’t buy it since, frankly, my black wool fedora feels a little out there for suburbia, but I do think it’s smashing.

It reminds me of his spring 2016 show.

via New York Times

If I want a hat, I’ll probably just go for the Maryam Keyhani hat since I adore her style. I know it’s not for everyone but for me great hats are like art.

I love a good Ladies Who Lunch jacket paired with jeans. This St. John Belle du Jour jacket is a winner. It’s expensive but St. John is good stuff and if I did not have a million jackets, I’d be tempted.

There is some seriously weird stuff offered that made me smile. Like these $400 on sale cat shorts by Undercover.

I’m kind of digging the matching jacket, though.

Then, if a model ever invites me to a cat guitar slumber party, I’d have the perfect thing to wear.

via Vogue Italia

I hope you are finding some distraction to keep your spirits high. Stay safe!



  1. I would imagine that one would wear the cat shorts and cat jacket with kitten heels…it only seems right.

    Fiddling while Rome burns is the name of the game for the next little while. I find fiddling with domestic things gives me peace. Looking at fashion magazines and home decor/design on line or listening to some interviews by designers also gives me that fix. I am firmly not in the camp of dressing as if I am trying to impress anyone while stuck inside, but feel so good if I have on the appropriate clothing for painting or exercise or working on the computer. Thank heavens I have no need to have Zoom meetings with anyone.
    My usual habit is makeup each day and wearing scent which I have done since my teens. I do it for me and it gives a lift, makes me feel ready for the day.
    Might give some thought to blowing bubbles like the model/Mummy; she may be on to something!
    A. in London


    • Kitten heels are a must. I find scent is really key right now. I’m wearing it even more than usual. It just makes me feel better. I’m guessing model mummy is highly medicated but the bubbles do look fun! Xx


  2. Lara Stone! Good Lord, I love her. I don’t see her modeling now as much as she used to, unfortunately. I really wish she’d make a comeback because I’m kinda getting tired of seeing the Hadid sisters everywhere. I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time shopping online, but not for clothes. I’ve been loading up on classic film discs and box sets. The amount of money I’ve spent within the past 2 weeks alone is shocking, so I really need to calm down and STOP now.


    • All my money is going to Home Depot and Canadian Tire as I stress-buy gardening supplies. Pandemic brain is very strange. I’m very over the Hadid sisters. They are very cute but everywhere. I wish all the 90s and 2000s supermodels would make a resurgence. I’ve been watching old episodes of Growing Up Supermodel and loving it. Stay safe and enjoy your movies! Xx


      • Speaking of supermodels, was just about to comment on Slim Paley’s instagram to you. She mentions a doc about an Italian supermodel and her aging and it looks fascinating.
        Breaks my heart that the Hadid sisters, and brother have fiddled with their faces and bodies to distort them so much. How sad.
        A.in London
        P.S. you may enjoy May Sarton’s poetry about gardening and solitude. She says gardening is an act of grace. I like that thought.


      • I’ll have to track that documentary down. That’s right up my alley. Love the thought of gardening as an act of grace. It certainly feels hopeful! Xx


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