Sunday Things

Happy Sunday. I hope you are keeping well.

I think I’m over the shock of the pandemic and now just feel sad for all the losses. It’s really shone a light on where there are holes in society. Never before have I been so grateful for our healthcare system. Stories of people worried about the cost of being treated are heartbreaking. Mind you, everything is heartbreakingly good or bad these days: I cried at a Dove commercial earlier in the week.

I’ve spent the last two days in the garden since we are in for a spell of rain. I cleaned up the front yard. I started to aggressively prune a Euonymus that has taken over. I found the garden tag on the original plant so somebody planted it there, but now it’s everywhere. It’s taken out one my cedars and is going after the Japanese Maple, so now it’s personal. The neighbours and I cut down a vine (at different times – we are socially distanced) that has destroyed a shared fence. I’ve also put down a couple of cubic yards of mulch and still have more to do. It’s a lot of work but I’m actually enjoying it and am reading Bunny Williams books for inspiration.

RHONY was entertaining this week. Honestly, I’d watch these women do anything. It’s so nice to see them out and about at restaurants and in cars together. How obnoxious was that house party at that giant house that belongs to Trump’s buddy? Ramona’s attempts to social climb at age 60 are so cringey. Leah’s reaction to all of it was spot on: I’m really liking her. The who was and was not a trophy wife conversation led by Sonja was hilarious. I continue to want to shake Dorinda. I like her so much but she needs to drop John and get on with it. Just pay for you own drycleaning, girl! The best moment was when Luann fled Ramona’s basement, I mean “lower level,” in the night and left a voicemail outlining how hurt she felt that Ramona’s accommodations were not up to her standards. How sad to be a Countess who must now depend on the kindness of strangers who stick her in second rate guest suites. It’s truly the best comedy on TV. Thank you A. for expanding my Housewives enjoyment with your referrals to so many great recaps. Mary McClelland’s RHONY recaps are gold. I went down the rabbit hole of Grant’s Rants’ podcast who led me to Behind the Velvet Rope who led me to Danny Pellegrino and Mandy Slutsker. I listen to them while I garden: gardening and housewives gossip is the perfect mix.

I am in no need of new shoes (I’m living in wellingtons) but John Fluevog has designed a shoe in honour of BC’s provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, who has done such a good job of managing COVID-19 in that province. The heroes, like Dr. Henry, arising from the pandemic are amazing. The shoe proceeds are going to BC food banks.

Rupaul’s Drag Race continues to entertain. Leslie Jones was the best judge. Hilarious. I assume there will be no live finale, but I’m sure they are figuring out something. That show embraces the show must go on mentality, so they will figure it out.

That’s about it. I’m gardening, doing some online work on a new project, trying to make things seem normalish for the kids, and masking up to get groceries. It’s starting to seem almost normal at this point. Mostly, I’m feeling grateful that I’m being relatively sheltered from this terrible virus and that I’ve gained a major new perspective. When my son’s gaming headset broke, I was able to pick up one within a few hours at a store’s curbside pickup and it made me so happy (if you have a teenage boy at home, you will know this is an essential item since the headset is what allows kids to socialize with friends.) I’m even liking my suburban McMansion since it’s providing shelter for us, the neighbours have been lovely, and all of the things that need doing like clearing out the junk under the deck so the basement won’t leak and fixing the taps – normally a major frustration – are taking my mind off things. Plus, it’s major exercise. Who knew one had so many muscles that could be sore?

I hope you are taking care of yourselves. Stay healthy!



  1. Hi Jen, I think the RHONY recaps are better than the shows themselves! When I was watching a bit more regularly I particularly liked the recaps by Brian Moylan of Vulture, but they are behind a paywall now. I’d heard about the Fluevog shoes in honour of Dr. Henry but hadn’t seen them yet – what a lovely idea.
    I washed some windows outside today, and have done some other bits of spring cleaning; soon we’ll start on the garden.
    I second you about our health care system, and would add our government in general; we are so lucky to be living in Canada!


    • The recaps do make the shows even better. Good for you for washing the windows. That’s on my to do list, which seems to be growing by the minute. Spending so much time at home is highlighting what I need to get done. Plus, I get the sense that when this eventually lifts, nobody is going to be spending weekends at home doing chores! Stay safe. Xx


  2. Danny Pelligrino is so sly and insightful- and funny about RHs.Need him and all funny folks, always, but at this time especially. Best Neighbors are a laugh this week speaking about RHs that showed in the last few days.. Had a good chuckle and listen while Spring cleaning the bedroom today.
    Leah of RHNY is growing on me; had a true laugh when she said, “Is this a Eyes Wide Shut kinda party”. Oh! She has more sense, it seems, than a few of the more “mature” ones who seem to be struggling with real life. Dornida, Sonja, sweeties, please….have they not truly ever coped in life or is this behavior just situational from a lot of stress? They DO make me laugh, but ooh-eee, they do struggle.
    Oh, another good podcast is Erin Martin of Pink Shade, who does a podcast with Brendan Alvarado every 2 weeks on her podcast about housewives. A funny and keenly intelligent lady who loves RHs. There are tons of us out there. And, Anderson Cooper, smart as a whip that one, he adores housewives shows. For real entertainment amidst my long hours of insomnia, I look at Joe Giudice’s instagram page ( he is navigating the pandemic in Italy) and started listening to Margaret Josephs’ new podcast, Cavier Dreams on a Tuna Fish budget. These are my remedies to too much REAL reality.
    Gardening is good for the soul, isn’t it? To take a shower or bath after and gaze out the window after a hard day of work out there is just what the doctor ordered at this time. Starting a new project, as you say you have recently, helps, too, doesn’t it? I need to be meaningfully engaged in something and a challenge, physical or mental.That is always good in my book. Emotional challenges? Have had my fill of those for the moment. London


    • I’ve just started listening to Erin and Mary for 90 Day Fiance. I truly cannot get enough of Housewives commentary right now. One of the podcasts mentioned that Leah is quite political and mentioned this article in The Federalist: She’s a smartie and takes no BS so this seasons looks even more promising. I’ve just subscribed to Caviar Dreams on a Tuna Fish Budget on the title alone. I love things like that! Gardening has been so good for me. And yes, that shower after a day of physical work is so rewarding. I’ve started using the same Aveda products I used when I was younger and times were simpler and the scent really relaxes me. I sleep so well now too! I’m so over any more emotional challenges too. Some day I’ll fully share the crazy that is this year for me, but for now I’m trying to keep it light, focusing on gardening and my housewives. Stay well! Xx


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