Housewives and fashion

Hello lovelies.

Happy Thursday! (Do days seem irrelevant now other than for the purpose of scheduling calls? It’s not like we are counting down to Sunday brunch…)

I guess the days are also relevant for Bravo fans. This week, not only do we have our New York Wives back again, but Beverly Hills kicked off last night too. Yes, I know that BH is NY’s tacky, Botoxed cousin, but I’ll still take it. Did you watch? What did you think? I miss Lisa Vanderpump a lot. She is so my spirit animal with her faux-royal persona and her troop of dressed-up pomeranian rescue dogs. I’ve taken to watching Vanderpump Rules’s toxic bunch just so I can see LVP. Apparently Lala wants to join RHBH. Yes please. I have a feeling it will need a spike of drama after this season. The whole Denise/Brandi Glanville thing seems to be the basis of the entire season. Yawn. Feels like another Lucy Applejuice storyline. I’d like to know why Sutton Stracke was demoted to friend after being positioned as a new wife. And why are they hyping up her wealth? Wasn’t she married to some PIMCO credit dude? That doesn’t really equate to owning jets and baseball teams per Rinna. Maybe she has family money? I have a feeling if there was anything interesting there, she’d have been promoted over Teddi because yawn. I think Garcelle is the secret weapon this season and hope to see more of her next week. She looks promising.

Speaking of shallow things, Nordstrom launched their Canadian website with no duties and free shipping. Deals abound if you are buying anything other than sweatpants. Some Burberry and Moncler and Smythe classic pieces are 40% off, which speaks to the state of retail.

Kate Middleton’s favourite Duchess jacket (and mine!) is in the sale. (If you are contemplating this, size up. I’m normally a 6 but am an 8 or 10 in this brand depending if I want it just over a t-shirt or a light sweater.)

Do you think any of us will ever get dressed again? Will we ever again wear what Pluto the dog calls button pants? (Her videos are still making me laugh.) Personally, I hope Zoom launches a background changing thing where they just put me in this year’s Prada. It would save a lot of time and money, no?

Speaking of fashion, this is a cute cloth mask from Alice + Olivia. They donate one for every one purchased. Is this frivolous? Probably, but I think you’ve got to try to find some joy wherever you can. I got a mask compliment the other day on my flip flop travel mask and it quite cheered me up.

I’m going to head off and disinfect some things. I was going to work in the garden but it appears to be snowing. As Dorothy Parker would say, what fresh hell is this?

Stay safe!



  1. Did you see how it was snowing a couple days ago?? At times it actually looked like a blizzard outside. I couldn’t believe it. Thank goodness, though, no snow accumulated on the ground because if I had to go out and shovel, I would have been really upset. What is happening?! Plus, yeah, I never know what day it is anymore. My internal calendar/clock has totally lost its mind.


    • We keep getting flurries today too. Nothing sticks but it’s so weird to look out the window and see it. Then, the sun is shining and it looks lovely. Changes every five minutes. You are right: what is happening?! Stay safe! Xx


  2. I did notice, when my sweetheart and I went grocery shopping last week, that I took a bit extra care. Never go out looking like a bum, just not me, but I more carefully chose what I wore as we are so seldom leaving the house. We had a good laugh that it was a date night, (which we never do).
    When we have Martini Mondays in our house, no matter what I have been doing that day, even if it is cleaning out the shed, when we sit down for that once a week treat, regardless of my attire, I put on fresh lipstick. It is against MY rules to drink a martini without the appropriate lip gear.
    So silly, but it makes me and us laugh.
    A. in London


    • One needs standards! I put on makeup and nicer clothes for Zoom calls. I’m doing gardening and going to the grocery store in sweats (thank heavens for identity concealing masks at the store!) I love your Martini Mondays tradition. I find rituals are so important, especially now. Stay healthy! Xx


  3. I have to figure out how to watch RHBH etc on my tv. It’s just what I need right now and I enjoyed your commentary even though I’ve never seen it!
    So thrilled about Nordstrom’s Canadian site. I ordered two dresses and the Kate Spade wicker elephant bag for Gabby as a graduation present. She loved everything, and it was here super fast, and the dresses were on super sale. Wins all round.
    Hope your day is going well, I do wish it warm up! XOX


    • I’ve seen that elephant bag! So adorable. Wonderful choice. In Canada, we get the Wives on Slice Network. BH is on Wednesdays and NY is Thursday evenings. I think you’d enjoy New York in particular. I find reality TV is one of the few things that lets me forget the troubles of the world for a while. I think tomorrow is supposed to be warmer so I will be back in the garden. Take care! Xx


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