One Day at a Time

How’s everybody holding up? As someone who suffers from anxiety, this time feels so strange since I don’t feel any more anxious right now and the world suddenly seems to feel the way I often do. There are articles in The New York Times on surviving a panic attack and there are meditation and deep breathing guides everywhere. Because I’ve sought these things out in the past, they are already my go-tos and so I feel relatively calm now, if that makes any sense at all. I’m just focusing on bringing a sense of peace to my little neck of the woods, focusing on my kids, writing, home, and garden. I’m trying to see this as a time of planning and preparation and am doing some online learning. And I’m grateful that nobody I know is sick and I’m simply being asked to stay at home or wear a mask when I get groceries.

And I’m reading again. I finished The House of Trelawney and am half way through My Dark Vanessa, which is darker than I normally read, but has received a lot of attention online. Somehow reading something a lot of people are talking about makes me feel more connected to the world right now.

I’ve been watching the cherry blossoms on the Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s CherryWatch and planning my own garden. I bought a cubic yard of mulch and some more soil so I will have a lot of work to do this weekend when the weather improves.

We had a socially distanced Easter. We had a little ham. The Easter bunny visited, and set up a small, indoor egg hunt. Teddy got a new toy rabbit.

I did a new thing: I installed new taps. The 20 year old taps in the master bath had been failing over time and when the second sink faucet hot water gave up the ghost, I decided that rather than summoning a plumber during this time, I’d attempt to change the faucets myself. I ordered the taps online and then set about removing the old ones.

Jumping Jehosaphat, old taps are hard to remove. There were so many mineral deposits and I think they’d been overtightened over time since the bolts were stripped. Finally, with CLR and a series of countermoving wrenches hit with a mallet, I managed to get them removed. I felt like One Day at a Time‘s 1970’s Schneider with tools in every pocket. All I needed was a denim vest. Plumbers deserve every penny they charge! The installation was easy by comparison and I managed to get everything set up with no leaks, which seemed like a miracle. I can’t say I’m interested in taking up plumbing as a new hobby, but it’s nice to know I can fix simple things. It gives me that much needed sense of control right now.

Thank you so much to A. in London for the recommendation of the Best Neighbors podcast. I’m loving the Real Housewife updates. Friday’s bonus episode with Grant’s Rants’ State of the Housewives Union was a nice treat.

Have you done anything new? Are you taking things one day at a time?



    • Teddy is a character. I’m glad you’ve been keeping busy. I feel like when this passes, we will all want to be out all the time, so I’m trying to get my chores for the next several months done now! Stay safe! Xx


  1. More reruns to keep me smiling…now you are Schneider with the wrenches in his pockets! Oh, I had a good laugh. But huge applause for your plumbing skills. I am very handy about the basics, but would never dare attempt that.
    Doing the same as you: trying to keep my little corner of the world peaceful, make sure we eat nourishing things, exercise daily and, for me only, watch plenty of RH trash. Oh, and keep up with work and help support those around me who need extra attention now. So, life feels full it ways that are sustaining.
    Oh!!! You must read Mary M’s recap on Reality Tea of RHBH. What a spot-on, just the right amount of snarky, mixed with some classic lines it is. Long live Mary. Especially liked the line referencing Lee Radziwell. Boy that Lisa Rinna really does bring it. She does crack me up. And good ole Maurico, he loves a party and a plug for his business. So handsome and cousins with some of the cast on Bravo’s one-hit- wonder, Mexican Dynasty. SO wish that would cime back. I am watching Family Karma a la Bravo and am enjoying it.
    Aren’t the Best Neighbor ladies delightful? It is so fun to learn about more of their lives in Brooklyn, and sobering enough to hear their impressions of how it is living amongst the scary place that the NYC metro area is now.
    Grants Rants is almost always a laugh. Some of his podcasts include Granny June, his 85 year old grandmother…now THERE is a character I would love to meet. London


    • Ha! Mary’s recap was gold. I love a good Lee Radziwell reference. Mary’s fashion show description was spot-on. Wasn’t it awful? Looked like pieces from a women’s ’boutique’ in a downscale suburban mall where everything is one size, one price and highly flammable! Granny June sounds fantastic. I like to listen to podcasts while I garden now so I’m always happy for recommendations. Stay safe! Xx


      • Highly flammable made me laugh. Oohhh…some deep polyester going on there.
        Podcast are my salvation when I cook, (try to)fall asleep, and when I paint rooms and furniture and organize.
        Also like Payne in the Pod podcast whose podcast is about podcasters who make podcast- if that makes sense. Have been turned on to so many podcast through her. A beautiful art form as far as I am concerned. London


  2. I read My Dark Vanessa a few weeks ago and thought it was … just okay. I think I only ended up rating it 2 stars. I’m not going to say anything about it or why I didn’t like it here, because I don’t want to spoil anything for you. Let me know what you thought of it once you’re done. I’ve had The House of Trelawney on my reading wish list for quite some time – what did you think of it? Is it worth picking up?


    • I think I will be with you on My Dark Vanessa, but I’m sticking with it until the end. I enjoyed House of Trelawney because I love things about the crumbling aristocracy and Rothschild is a good writer, but found it a little slow going at times. Mind you, I read it when my brain was mush. Generally, I enjoyed it. Grown Ups by Marian Keyes is fantastic. If you’ve not read her work, do. She’s Irish and has a zany sense of humour. Her previous few books like This Charming Man were a bit dark but this one reminds me of her earlier work like Rachel’s Holiday and Lucy Sullivan. Xx

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