Green Acres

Happy Saturday. Hope you are still upright. That’s really the goal these days, isn’t it. It feels odd that it’s Passover and Easter since nobody is really able to get together with family.

Did you catch this week’s RHoNY? Oh Dorinda. I do feel for her, but she does unleash. But her white Chanel sweater this week? To die for. Also, about US$4,000 retail so if her Berkshires renos are stressing her financially, she could always list the sweater on RealReal. I was glad she warmed to Leah in the end. Luann’s newly sober wise woman thing is going to be very annoying, isn’t it. And Ramona. Good grief. 60 year olds should not be so thirsty. And the men she always goes for? Yikes. She has so much going for her. If she’d just put her energy into another business! Isn’t it fun to Monday morning quarterback the show? I’m excited for Beverly Hills to kick off this week. Garcelle Beauvais is joining the group. She was the author of the infamous cheater email that she sent to everyone in her now-ex’s office at CAA. So you know she’s going to be good for some drama.

Speaking of TV, did you watch Green Acres when you were young? They used to have reruns on TV after school when I was a kid and I loved it ( I was always a huge fan of the Gabor sisters. Do you remember when one of the sisters would appear on Love Boat or The Facts of Life? The best!) Anyways, after days and days in the garden raking and turning the soil and overseeding and pulling out old wood from under the deck (why do people always put old construction material under the deck. I’ve had that in my last 3 houses!), I’m feeling like Lisa Douglas.

Lisa and Mignon

Dahling I love you but give me Park Avenue

Perhaps I’ll learn to embrace it. I’ll rename Teddy Mignon and get a pig named Arnold.

I’ve never been much of a gardener but for the first couple of hours, I was all, this is great. I love the fresh air. I love the exercise! Maybe I am a gardener after all! After all, I do subscribe to The English Garden magazine.

And the flowers are starting to appear!

First daffodils

But that was before I found a squirrel tail when I was raking. Just. The. Tail. You don’t see that in English Garden magazine, do you. I think, perhaps, I like the idea of gardens more than gardens themselves. Or perhaps it’s other people’s gardens I like. I quite enjoy the ones surrounding National Trust properties, where you can also get a decent cup of tea.

Still it’s a marvelous workout and it takes your mind off the world’s troubles.

There is still a lot to do. I need to add mulch and add soil to the pots (we don’t plant here until late May.) I need to reset the stone path in pea gravel. I’m always happiest with a project.

I need to scrub and put some drainage holes in these pots.

Do you garden? Are you good at it?

If you are craving time outdoors, the New York Times offers a lovely nature focused meditation. No squirrel tails, I promise.

Take care and stay healthy,



  1. A squirrel tail? The mind boggles! I am not a good gardener, and we have only very small front and back garden areas. What we mostly do is containers on the deck (for tomatoes and herbs) and the porch (flowers). My husband likes to cut the grass every week, but he thinks endless watering is a waste of money – a bit of a disconnect! I pvr’d the first two RHONY, still have to watch the one you are talking about here – I’ll have to look out for that Chanel jumper, sounds dreamy!

    Happy Easter, stay well! xx


    • I do not know where the rest of the squirrel was, but I was nervous raking after that! I’m going to attempt do veggies in pots since we have a lot of rabbits. I’ve bought a bunch of flower seeds and will make some attempt at flower beds. I hear you on watering. I’d prefer a natural ground cover instead of lawn, but for resale, people seem to really like lawns. They are a lot of work though! The Chanel was a thick cream sweater with blue writing on it. Sort of a springy ski sweater, which sounds weird but it worked with Dorinda’s white jeans at Ramona’s house in the Hamptons. Stay safe and happy gardening. Xx


  2. Oh, the Monday morning quarterbacking is the best. Watching them is much like watching National Geo. docs about animals in the wild; a sociological study of humans, you see! Yikes, Dorinda. She is way out there on a limb-maybe overwhelmed, but, too many targets and quite cutting when she drinks. Keep it to one martini at a time, maybe? The slurring pushes my buttons and now seeing a pattern. Please D, meds, meditation or talk therapy maybe before you torch the whole crew? Ramona surprisingly real in the kitchen with Leah- then goes a bit haywire in the restaurant. The apology tour with Luann will wear thin by week 4. Mary Mclennen (?) on Reality Tea’s website writes funny and spot-on deep analysis on RHNY each week. Love her recaps.

    I love to garden, have a 1 acre one in Maine now turned mostly to shrubs, trees and pots of flowers. Best exercise ever. When there full time did all my own mowing and counted that as serious, serious exercise. Lots of little hills.
    If the pots you have for your deck are plastic, and you would like to change the color, have had great success with Annie Sloan chalk paint to cover in 2 coats which dry in 20 to 30 mins. each coat. She sells her paint in Canada I know, often through the mail. No sanding, no prep, just slap the paint on plastic, stone, glass-anything. I have used her color Versailles (a soft greeny-slightly grey color) which looks fab on plastic pots and complimets the greens of plants so well. Have painted mine in Maine and left outside 3 Winters in a row and they held up beautifully. Touched them up last Spring. Makes plastic, faux-grand pots looks so pretty. Just literally slap the paint on.
    Reruns of Green Acres…oh, you just brought back a good memory of the silliness of the show which was so amusing.
    Happy Easter.
    A. in London


    • I just read Mary McClennan’s review so thank you for that. What a treat. She’s searing! “Tinsley runs around pretending her life is polished silver when parts of it are a paper plate.” “I imagine Ramona’s man mood board filled with images of Fabio and Kenny G. Their heads plastered onto safari pictures of Doc Antle‘s body riding a tiger; the entire thing spritzed with Gloria Vanderbilt Swan perfume.” It’s just too good! Thank you also for the Annie Sloan tip. I might given that a shot. Your garden sounds glorious. Maine is so gorgeous. Xx


  3. omg on the squirrel tail! I almost stepped on a little rigormotised mouse on my walk last week! your garden pics brought me great joy today. Thank you! right now, the sun is out, the birds are singing, the trees are budding, the grass is greening, and in about 12 hours, it will be snowing! Such is life in Wisconsin in the spring. Stay well. Happy Easter!


    • Eek. I cannot with the deceased animals. Nobody warned me about the perils of the outdoors! We are in for a cold spell too. And winds that may knock out the power. I really hope that isn’t the case since the freezer is full… Stay safe and warm. Happy Easter. Xx

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  4. See, in Maine we blame all cold and high winds on a “Canadian cold front”. How do we explain your impending weather, though, when Maine had what you are now expecting yesterday with 1/4 of Mainers losing power and half the state under snow?!?!
    It is not so much the squirrel tail which is horrid enough, it is that I MIGHT see a snake! The hazard of gardening. London


    • I’m also terrified of even the most benign snake (and they are all benign little garden snakes in these parts.) I use long handled tools and wear wellingtons at all times in the garden regardless of the weather as protection. I’ll have to start blaming Maine for our weather now! Xx


  5. My expert anti-snake meaure is to take a long handled rake, turn my head,lest I see them fleeing and bang the rake in and near the flower bed in the ground several times where I am intending to weed or plant. I can not even see a picture of a snake in a magazine without the magazine flying in one direction and me in another. On a London train or Tube that causes distraction to usually unflappable commuters. So many snakes used in advertising…..WHY?! London


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