Dressing the art

I hope you had a good weekend!

Saturday, we drove to a tournament in which my daughter was competing and I showed my youngest around the university where the event was held. Start them young, no?

Sunday, we had ice rain all day, so we denned in. I finished The Shape of Family. It went in a direction I did not expect but was very good and the psychology of the characters rang true. It’s about the legacy of trauma and buried grief, but it’s not as dark a book as that might sound. I really enjoyed it. I also read the short novel, Worry by Jessica Westhead. It’s darker than I tend to like but is very well written. And if you’ve ever struggled with fertility and know its anxious aftermath, the book will resonate deeply.

We also put up the tree. We hauled the fake one out of the basement as we thought it was not fair to put so much temptation in Teddy’s path.

I tried to keep it low key but it’s always a fight with my family who like the sentimental Hallmark things from childhood. I think we struck a balance.

The Tomtar migrated into the dining room. I suspect they like to eat and will be quite happy there.

This year I took a page from DaniBP and decorated a statue.

Why not dress up the art?

I love a bowl filled with shiny things.

Georg Jensen star and mercury glass baubles.

Layering the bookcase is festive.

The kitchen Santa can keep an eye on the produce.

Teddy is exhausted from peeking in all the boxes. Do you think he’s dreaming of sugar plums?


  1. Oh Jen, it all looks fab. Had never seen the little Tomtar?/elves; they look so cheerful all huddle together against the cold. Statues, art and bookcases are all the better with some Christmas greens and glitz. And the tree is so perfect with its bits of memories hung on the tree. It all looks really lovely. Esp like the star and mercury balls. Would be nice with a tiny string of clear wire lights run by battery stuck in there. Thank you for sharing your beautiful decorations.
    P.S. have I missed something?…has the book you were writing been published? I have sort of been MIA blog reading wise.
    A.in London


    • Aww. Thank you so much. My children have stolen all of the fairy lights for their rooms. I will have to get some back. The novel is now with an editor as I prepare to shop it. It’s a lengthy process but at least it’s finished! Xx


  2. Hi Jen, I love your decorated statue! I have not yet decorated, nor started on Christmas post, but aim to get it done by Saturday, when we are having friends over for dinner.

    Congrats on finishing your book – if I remember correctly, it’s a novel this time? All the best for the next steps!


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