December & Martha

Rabbit Rabbit and Happy December! We’ve broken out the advent calendars. My daughter’s is filled with Sephora samples I collect all year and the others with small treats. It’s a nice way to count down the days until Christmas.

I bought Martha Stewart’s December magazine. Her monthly calendar always makes me smile. You have to hand it to the old gal: divorce, prison, and the ups and downs of her business empire, and she’s still setting up the cauldron for chestnut roasting and tending to her orchids. It’s nice to see she’s kept up with the times, using a drone to photograph her farm. I’m exhausted just reading her list! I mock, but I also have a weird amount of respect for her.

When I was young, my friend’s mother had a copy all of Martha Stewart’s books. She was the most extra mom we knew (she had a gift wrapping room like Candy Spelling and gifted the girls in her daughter’s friend group Gucci key chains.) Naturally, I thought I’d grow up to be like her.

I bought my own copy of Martha Stewart’s Christmas in university.

Do you think this Connecticut hausfrau foresaw jail and a cooking show with Snoop Dog?

I can’t believe I ever thought it was normal to attempt 300 Christmas puddings in a weekend or build a five foot high gingerbread house. Still, I have a soft spot for Martha. Christmas would not be Christmas without her.

From the December issue. Still going strong.

What are your plans for December? Are you planning to go full Martha?


  1. Hello Jen,
    Good ole Martha, aside from the insider trading for which she justly did time, has always inspired me through her magazines. Why on earth she winds people up so much is beyond me. She is offering ***suggestions*** for inspiration…who said you have to do ALL of them, or any of them? It is not an edict from on high-merely some ideas. Easy to mock her, tis often the trend, but “look away”, I say if canning and organization and Christmas decorating are not your thing. It is mine, and girlfriends here in London are always pleased when I bring back her magazines, most of which I get a my small town’s library magazine swap.
    Funny, I know exactly the type of mother you speak of who has a gift wrapping room a la Candy Spelling. And the sister of a high school friend worked for Martha for a long spell, saying much of the criticism of her perfectionism and demands on staff has plenty of merit, but she also said she learned tons from her. Eddie Ross, who now has an eye-popping Instagram, was also her employee at one time and is hugely diplomatic about her in public, recognizing that she gave him an opportunity that gave him the confidence to start his own business and write his own book.
    Like also your advent calendar ideas. Very clever to save things up through the yes.
    Christmas for me is about the decorations, the lights and exchanging Christmas cards. Truthfully that is all I need….oh and some Christmas music performed live in some fashion. I decorate late and leave my tree and lights and huge bowls of baubles up until the very end of January, as that is dullest month of all and these things make it more cheery.
    My preference is for the bling of glass baubles which I have dozens and dozens off, lots of fresh greens and red berries and my growing collection of mini trees made of glass, wire, straw, metal, moss…..
    Many vessels of floating cranberries with tea lights on top feature as well. So glitz and bling combined with the natural for me, and many, many strings of lights and candles.

    Oh how I wish they showed Martha cooking with Snopp Dog here on TV. Now, THAT is something to see!!
    P.S. I absolutely love your white office tree. Would like to see your house all decorated. London


    • I think it would have been wonderful to work for her. I worked for a real Devil Wears Prada type once and she taught me so much about style and culture and charm. I’m always impressed by Martha-type people even though I just let them inspire me (domestic goddess I am not!) And she really did handle serving time well, wearing the poncho she crocheted in prison upon her release. It’s hard not to admire that kind of spirit.

      Glitz, bling and natural sound perfect! Being a January baby, I crave light all the time. I’ll post some photos of my decorating this week. Xx


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