Gradual decorating

I hope you had a lovely US Thanksgiving and Black Friday, if you celebrate. I heard people wishing each other Happy Black Friday, so I guess that’s a thing now (mind you, it was at the mall.)

I did not get the shoes. J. Crew only had 30% off in Canada and I’d really not wear them enough to justify the price. I did pick up the basics I’d planned to buy and a lot of gifts.

I bought no decorations at the sales. I didn’t even go into Anthropologie where, in the past, I’ve always bought a few ornaments. Usually, I have decorated everything that doesn’t move by now, but I’m taking a more relaxed approach this year. I do have my office Christmas tree up, however. It’s thick with woolen mice.

I think my office dogs need bows or greenery, no?

I bought an early Christmas gift for Teddy that I’ve let him open already. It’s one of those dog staircases so he can climb into his favourite chair to look out the window. Yes, I’ve become one of those people. One of the reasons I considered a Cairn Terrier after we lost our Frenchie was that, when Serena was still working as a therapy dog, there was a delightful woman in the seniors group we visited who had a Cairn Terrier and she liked to talk about him on our visits. Her husband had bought her the dog right before he died so she wouldn’t be alone. Isn’t that the sweetest? She doted on this dog but said he was very badly behaved and he always climbed into her bed when she was sleeping. I once asked her if Cairn Terriers were good jumpers since jumping into the bed struck me as a challenge for a small dog. “No,” she said, “he always uses the ramp!” At the time I thought it was hilarious that someone would install a ramp so her dog could climb on the furniture, but here we are…

Did you have any shopping success? Have you decorated?


  1. Oh my goodness, your dog is precious! I want a dog so badly, but we don’t have a fence so we’re not quite sure of what to do at the moment. 🙂 I have a cat, he’s just not very friendly haha. I didn’t go Black Friday shopping, but I did get a Fitbit on sale, so that was good. I just didn’t get it on the actual day of Black Friday. <3<3


    • I’m glad you were able to get something you wanted on sale and avoid the Black Friday chaos. Teddy is a charmer. Our yard is fenced but he’s always on leash because he’s a runner and a digger. I’m hoping he will mellow as he ages but Cairn Terriers are notorious for running after whatever captures their attention. The frenchie was much easier to have off leash as she’d walk a few steps and then flop onto her belly. And on the rare occasions she tried to run, she was very easy to catch!


  2. My Cairn Terrier, Maria Belle, died a month ago. Oh how I miss her quirky little self! We called her “speshul” because I truly believe she was on the spectrum. She trained us all in how to love her best. Thankfully I have two more terrier mixes because I’d be lost without a small, energetic, hilarious dog in the house.


    • I’m so sorry for your loss. They have big personalities, don’t they. I’m glad you have two other terriers to keep you busy. Xx


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