Welcome November

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Happy November!

I enjoy fall but I’m always happy to flip the page on the calendar and get in the holiday spirit once November rolls around. Today was nice and crisp outside and is my favourite kind of weather. I can break out my coats and scarves.

I’m playing around with my blog a little to get the names consistent. You can Follow my blog with Bloglovin if that’s easier. As I get back in author mode, I need to make my social media a little more consistent.

Things have been busy around here as the kids always seem to have a million things going on. French class is going well although the more I learn, the less I know. I thought I was a not bad speaker in Paris this summer, but there is so much to learn beyond vocabulary and simple conjugation. One must be quite an expert in grammar. It makes me realize how straight-forward English is and makes me so much more impressed with those who speak multiple languages well.

Now that the kitchen is almost finished, I’m quite content with this current house as it is. (On that note, never do a kitchen with Home Depot unless you want a headache and a half. It looks lovely, but what a trial. We started this whole thing in February and they still have to come back to make a few changes.) I’m starting to plan for the next house, which is still a few years away, but I want to make sure that any art/furniture I buy going forward suits the new vision. I’m hoping for a modernized Century home and want to keep things quite contemporary inside.

I’m loving this kind of thing.

Photo: Realtor.ca

I’ve picked up a few pieces of clothing. These machine-washable pants from Mango are so comfortable and look sharp with a cashmere sweater. I continue to be quite impressed with Everlane cashmere. Even my years-old sweaters are holding up and you can machine wash them on delicate and block them to dry. Their choose-what-you-pay sweaters are a great bargain and I picked on up in the Lavender Donegal. I continue to mainly wear grey, black, and icy mauve or blue. It seems to work as a uniform.

I’m thinking about holiday decorating. I get more minimal as I get older. I’m still loving the Swedish Tomtes and am more into greys and silvers than the plaids I used to adore. Has your taste changed as you’ve aged?

I hope you enjoy the change in seasons.


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